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Halina Strzepek

Sales Associate

Why Buy or List with Re/Max?

When looking to buy or sell your home, you'll want to go with the best, with a network that has the most competitve advantages for both homebuyers and sellers. As an industry leader, it's safe to say no one in the world sells more real estate than Re/Max.

Working with Re/Max means you'll be working with Re/Max Associates, in other words, "Real Estate Leaders" who offer the highest quality real estate services buyers or sellers can get.

Re/Max Market Share
Agents working within the Re/Max network, as a group, have more exclusive listings, more clients and customers than any other group of agents working in competing real estate networks. When push comes to shove, Re/Max has the numbers to back up their success.

Taking an average, a Re/Max Associate will spend roughly $5,000 every year on personal promotion as well as individual and group advertising. Consistently advertising through various mediums means that Re/Max Associates connect with more people more often than other competing networks.

Expanding Network Size
The Re/Max Concept of enabling real estate professionals to maximize business potential has evolved into a network of over 78,000 Sales Associates in 4,300 offices. This means that wherever you need a Re/Max Associate to help you, you'll always be able to find one nearby.

Awards and Accolades
RE/Max Associates, on average, lead the industry in production which means they earn more awards and desiganations than other competing real estate networks.

Re/Max Balloon Logo
While it may come across as simple, sometimes simplicity is the key to success as Re/Max has one of the most recognizable logos in the business world. The Re/Max Balloon, with its slogan "Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results." represents the what it means to work with Re/Max.

Leading the Industry
The Re/Max network was the first ever real estate network to be involved in more than 1 million transaction sides in a single year. There are two sides to ever real estate transaction, the buyers and sellers. You can count on Re/Max regardless of what side you're on.

Global Expansion
You can bet Re/Max has stretched internationally into 43 countries worldwide. Re/Max is one of the fastest-growing real estate network franchises on the planet.

Committed to Excellence
Re/Max remains one of the only major real estate networks still owned and directed by its founders. The performance excellence behind Re/Max Brokers, Owners, and Sales Associates has lead to honors in "Worth" magazine and "Entrepreneur" magazine which ranked Re/Max No. #1 in real estate service for three consecutive years.A Balloon with Continents